Noosa Dreaming

I’ve been daydreaming about sunshine and warmth while I look back upon some photos I took in Noosa, last September. The winter sun through the study window and the warmth of the ducted heating blowing up from the floor, just does not compare. The weather we experienced wasn’t spectacular – but it was mild and cloudy and moody. It was lovely to be somewhere else.


Photographing happiness, March 2017

I’m excited to share my first Photographing Happiness album, comprising 12 of my most recent photographs that capture happiness in my world. My friend and fellow school mum, Rachel Devine, recently invited me to participate, and you can learn more about the project here:

The theme of this month’s photography is light!  My collection includes a variety of different light situations – from low light environments, to moon-lit sunsets. There is beauty and happiness to be observed in seeing light fall on a sleeping child, to seeing it shine through water. I hope you all enjoy.

Before the carols

It’s been a relatively quite year for my photography, but I’m hoping 2017 will be a year for reconnecting and nurturing my talent and my small business. In many ways 2016 has been a year about stepping back and focusing on my family priorities and my own well being. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to photograph several families this year, all of whom are families I’ve photographed before. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Attached are some photos I took today of my children before the school carols. Merry Christmas!

Elara and Pearl

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My darling Elara had the day home from school today, recuperating after having a general anaesthetic yesterday for some dental work. She was feeling quite tired in the morning, but brightened after having lunch out and being treated to a new doll, Pearl, from her Nana. The doll is called ‘Princess Pearl’, and she is made  by Nana Huchy. Elara is wearing a dress from the Young Hearts by Collette Dinnigan collection that was available through Aldi.

Having been a bit distracted with the ebb and flow of life, it was good to take out my camera and take a few photos of Elara and Pearl. These are taken with my 85mm prime lens, in the middle of the day, in full shade.