No 7. Mother's Day Morning Tea

Yesterday Elara invited me to the Mother’s Day Morning Tea at kinder. It was a really beautiful clear but crisp Autumn morning. I snapped this photo of Elara happily swinging on the play equipment. I love the Autumn leaves in the background. She was swinging and although the image could be a clearer, indeed crisper, I really like the warmth of the colours and her expression. She was so happy to have me visit her at kinder and I loved all the wonderful activities they had organised for all the mummas.

When I set out on this 65 Roses Challenge to capture 65 portraits of family and friends, I was someone daunted by the fact that I use quite humble equipment. I have a trusty super zoom (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35), which is not a DSLR! What would people think? Was I crazy? I guess the thing is that this project is not about my camera, or my ego – it is simply about setting myself a positive goal, fundraising for a cause that is now real for my family, and learning along the way.

To support my 65 Roses Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis Victoria, please visit:



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