No 8. Reverie

A friend messaged me today to ask how I was going with my project. I have to be honest, I am not on track to meet my challenge of 65 portraits of family and friends by the end of May, but I am hoping to have progressed much further by the end of this week. Now that the sun is shining again and the rain has passed, I am looking forward to catching up. And I am thrilled to say I have a new camera too, which I need to honour! I’ll be down at Brighton Beach Boxes on Saturday afternoon and at the Royal Botanical Gardens on Sunday afternoon, so please contact me privately if you would like to participate in my challenge.

It was mother’s day yesterday, and I had a lovely time with my children and the important women in my life. I decided this morning that I would share a self portrait that I took last July, when I was pregnant with Myles. I have called it ‘Reverie’ a French word for ‘Daydream’. It is a word that has it’s origin in Old French and is connected to the ideas of rejoicing and revelry.

Myles pregnancy was like a daydream which I had dreamed into reality. I clearly remember calling this baby home to me and next thing I was pregnant, which was really a miracle. This photo was taken on a winters morning in July, the air was cold and the sun was bright and gentle. I remember being compelled to take these self portraits. Armed with my tripod and dressed-up in my driveway, I was determined to capture forever the ephemeral experience of my pregnancy. Deep in my heart I knew that this would be my last pregnancy and I was determined that I should not let it pass without some sort of visual reminder. It will sound strange, but I had a fleeting vision of my boy, as a grown man, sitting next to me looking at these photos talking about this time in our life. I was 17 weeks pregnant at the time.

To support my 65 Roses Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis Victoria, please visit:


4 thoughts on “No 8. Reverie

  1. catequinn75 Post author

    Thank you Patricia. I’m finding the writing easier than I imagined. This project has shifted my perspective and I feel I am in a much more expressive place at the moment.

  2. Neets

    Beautiful pic Catherine & such a fabulous cause. I’ll see what we have on this weekend but I may be able to swing down to the bathes for a pic with my new edition xx

  3. Neets

    Beautiful pic Catherine & such a great cause. I’m not sure what we have on this weekend but I may be able to pop down to the bathes this Saturday xx


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