No 64. Kathryn and Aidan

This is a very special portrait of my friend Kathryn and her son Aidan, who was born prematurely at 32 weeks, in July 2013. At the time he was born, Aidan was just over 1 kilogram, and was in NICU for many, many weeks. He is now a spritely and spirited 10 month old, full of sweetness and curiosity for the world around him. I’m so inspired by you Kathryn! And I’m so looking forward to the adventures Aidan and Myles will have as they grow up.


One thought on “No 64. Kathryn and Aidan

  1. Kathryn

    Catherine, I love this photo so much!! Last night I just couldn’t stop looking at all the photos. You are so talented, I think it’s just wonderful you are using your gift for such a great cause. It was so lovely to have a cuddle of Myles too, he is the cutest little thing! Aidan was so happy to meet a new friend too!! I think your quest is just wonderful and I am so happy for the success it has been this month! Xox


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