No 71. Mark and Myles


To support my 65 Roses Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis Victoria, please visit:


2 thoughts on “No 71. Mark and Myles

  1. jobrien

    Hi Catherine I just want to congratulate you on making a difference with your 65 Roses campaign. I read your article in the Leader via the CFV Facebook page. I also want to encourage you about your beautiful son Myles. My motto is there is “hope in possibilities”, and as you would’ve been told there are many amazing developments in treatments for CF and the life expectancy is increasing. I am a 43 year old mother of 3 with Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis. I was only diagnosed 5 years ago and have committed my career as an exercise scientist to doing my bit to helping find a better outcome for all people with CF, but especially kids like Myles who have their whole life ahead of them. Like you I have learnt to embrace living in the moment and appreciating the simple things in life. I wish you and your family well, and who knows we may cross paths at some stage in the future.,,, perhaps through a CFV event!. Jane

    1. catequinn75 Post author

      Dear Jane, thank you so much for your message! My 65 Roses Challenge has been a really positive experience. Thank you so much for connecting to me and sharing your story! Catherine x


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