Mother and Child, a self portrait


For some time I had been considering asking a friend to take a photo of Myles and I – a portrait to reflect a quiet moment of connection. But I didnt have the couarge to ask. Mainly because the photo I wanted was not a standard portrait – I wanted an artistic portrait, a portrait of my baby and I fresh out of the shower. Let me explain…As a mother of three I struggle to get a quiet moment to myself. My daily shower is often my only escape, the only time I can close the door and feel free of demands. But as many mum’s would know, sometimes toddlers just don’t get that! They want to be in there too, soaking up the warmth of the shower and having a splash, with you. When the time comes to hop out, I take a bath sheet, wrap it round myself and then wrap it round baby. I hold him tight, knowing these days will pass. If I’m particularly tired, I even have a sit in the lounge room to dry off. Life is full of precious moments. The moments we capture, in our memories, and in photos, can be very different. This portrait is capturing us in a private moment. Take from it what you will. I love the play of light and dark. We could be any mother and child.


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